Steel entry doors for home and commercial use discussed

Commercial Entry Doors

Commercial entry doors must be durable above all else.

As a builder or property owner you will at some point in time need a door installed or replaced. Commercial entry doors are very different than residential in that they are often larger and will have a much higher rate of usage. The function they will serve determines the type and size of door needed. Attractive custom doors are good for office buildings and the like. Industrial grade overhead doors are suitable for places like warehouses and buildings that have vehicles parking inside.

Appearance will be somewhat important but is second to function and durability. Exterior commercial doors require great strength to withstand the kind of wear and tear they will be subjected to. Office building doors tend to be more about appearance. Think about the first impression you want to make with clients and customers. If you have a small office building with minimal traffic then an attractive glass door will be suitable. Schools and malls require something similar but much more durable. Hotels and apartment blocks need various types of commercial entry doors depending on where in the building it is being used. Marvin Windows and Doors have a decent selection of entry doors as well as interior and sliding doors.

Large commercial doors function as an exit and entrance port for company vehicles and accommodate the transfer of goods through warehouse docks.  Be sure to ask your supplier if the particular model you have in mind is available in the size you require. Don’t forget to measure for the largest vehicle clearance required. These kinds of commercial entry doors come in many models such as the standard overhead door, roll up and sectional. Overhead Door has multiple global locations and sells Thermacore, aluminum, insulated and non-insulated varieties.

Did you know that the most common point of break and enter incidents are the entry doors?  You will want to protect your personal or commercial property by making it incredibly difficult for intruders to get into your office or building via forced entry. The longer it takes them to break in, the more likely they are to give up or get caught. Republic Door sells specialty doors like led lined, acoustical and even bullet proof doors. See their website for a representative in your area and the handy selector guide.

You don’t want to forget about the manufactured fire rating in your commercial entry door. The idea is to slow down the spread of fire, limit the amount of damage caused fire and smoke and assist in the prompt evacuation of people inside. Fire casualties caused by the fact that building occupants couldn’t get out in time would be devastating. Take this very seriously and talk to the dealer about your specific needs when shopping around.

The type of door materials required will depend on whether you have use for standard, heavy or ultra heavy duty commercial entry doors. Most are made with various gauges of steel and will be insulated with a polyurethane core. Options like weather resistance and speed may be an issue for you. Plan ahead as the commercial entry door you install will need to be built to last.

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