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Double Entry Doors

Double entry doors combine a blend of great style and functionality.

While working on the plans for a new home or remodeling the exterior, homeowners think about curb appeal. Most homes have the traditional single entry door but why not consider installing a double entry door unit for a totally different look. You can buy them in most of the same materials like wood, fiberglass, and steel. The doors can then be customized in a variety of styles including glass panel inserts, transoms and sidelights. They differ from single doors in that they open up more into the center of your inside entrance or foyer, and can be hung to swing inward or outward.

It is commonplace to see double entry doors on schools, churches and commercial buildings. This is due in part to the need for smooth flow of high traffic volumes through the entrance way. Installing them on the front of your home will create a spectacular focal point and give larger homes a more balanced look. Keep in mind your location’s climate and the door material’s ability to withstand harsh weather conditions.

If appearance is on the top of your list, wood double entry doors are an attractive addition and complete the look of an older style home. They can be ordered from the factory pre-painted or stained, and coated with a sealer. Custom stains, clear coats and glass panels will add class to your wood doors. Some companies will specialize in authentic vintage doors salvaged from historic homes and hotels. These pieces are restored into stunning and rare decorative conversation pieces. You can find suppliers online at sites like Amighini Architectural Inc, Retro Restorations, eBay and Amazon. Visit Therma-Tru’s website for offline dealer locations.

Low-maintenance fiberglass is another option. Unlike wood which can crack and warp over time, fiberglass double entry doors can withstand damaging elements like high heat and climates with frequent precipitation. They typically will not corrode or dent and won’t need regular refinishing. Steel doors are sturdy, secure and can be prefabricated with coatings that give them a wood look. Their insulated core provides a thermal barrier that makes them quite energy efficient, and they are without a doubt a secure door.

If old world style interests you, wrought iron double entry doors will be a stunning addition. Take a look at Manor House Doors’ Tuscany Collection or visit Iron Star Doors’ website. Traditionally black and used to make gates, wrought iron now comes in various colors, an endless number of styles and can be customize with clear or obscured glass. The luxurious look of iron is often matched by its higher price tag.

A homeowner’s budget can be an important determining factor in the choice of their entry doors. They start as low as $1,500 can go as high as $8,000, depending on materials and customization. You are sure to find a style that suits your home and budget whether it is Victorian Era, Tudor, Classic French or a more modern look. Accent with custom glass and pick hardware that suits your own personal style. Be sure to do measurements first to ensure a double entry door is a suitable fit for your home.

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