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Entry Doors With Sidelights

Entry doors with sidelights enhance the look of your exterior door.

Purchasing the right door for the entrance to your home may seem an easy decision but with all the models and options it may be tougher than you think. On top of choosing your perfect door, you can also add flare to your home’s front by adding entry door sidelights on either side of the door.

Entry doors with sidelights give an average door a grand look and your guests a memorable first impression. Today’s entry door sidelights come in an endless array of styles and will surely be a conversation piece. One model of sidelight alone may have as many as thirty wood and glass combinations. Single or divided glass panes can be designed a basic rectangular shape, oval or in an arch pattern over top of the door. Armstrong Door’s website has a Design-A-Door application if you’d like play around with different ideas first.

The only significant drawback to the entry door sidelight is the fact that glass near the lock and handle of a door will have an impact on the security of your home’s exterior. Also, glass can reduce the insulation value of your door. On the contrary, the sidelights will also allow more natural light into your home. On a sunny day you will find that they warm the immediate area.  Ask for triple paned glass to increase security and improve insulating properties and purchase a good quality hidden door lock.

Start by determining if your home will structurally accommodate the larger space needed for the entry door plus sidelights. You have to rebuild the framing around the doorway, something best left to a qualified builder. Very narrow sidelights may be the only option due to space restrictions but with all of the styles out there you’re sure to find something. Many glass panel doors will be sold with matching sidelights but you may want to create your own. The material will depend on your entry door. They normally come with wood, vinyl or metal frames. Glass inserts are typically glazed, leaded or decorative glass.

Get as creative as you’d like. Entry door sidelights don’t even have to be place on both sides; some prefer to put a single panel off to one side. Smaller sidelights can be framed individually within the larger frame itself. For instance, a tall, narrow sidelight which you often see as one complete piece of glass can be sectioned into smaller panels. These smaller panels can also be sectioned unevenly. For example, three smaller equal size panes, or one half and two quarter size panes. Craftsman Doors has beautiful, wood framed entry door sidelights like these.

Once you’ve chosen your door and sidelight style, there is glass to pick out. Glass can be flat, beveled, frosted, painted and more. Take into account the amount of privacy you prefer. Stained glass is classic and gives you privacy while still being picturesque. Even patio doors with sidelights are available including venting and panels that swing open. Entry doors with sidelights are sold at most window and door dealers, take time to look around.

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