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Exterior French Doors

Exterior French doors are an exquisite breed of patio or front entry door.

There are many options available for the exterior doors on your home and taking the time to select the best option can add some style to your property. If you have a patio or a large garden one of the best options is to have exterior French doors. These are an attractive style of door that can provide a great view into your garden.

Exterior French doors are paired doors that have windows in them for almost the entire length of the door. They can be made of a number of separate panes of glass set in a frame or can be one large pane of glass with a frame placed over this to give the impression of separate panes. These days it is also possible to have the large pane of glass without a frame and this can appeal to many people. There is no central jamb between the two doors and they open outwards from the centre and close towards each other.

There are a few advantages to installing exterior French doors in your home especially if they look out onto a patio or garden. As they have glass for the entire length they provide an excellent view to the outdoor areas of your home. They also let a lot of natural light into your home and this is one of their main appeals. This can help to provide a light, airy feeling for the room in which they are placed.

Because of the lack of a central jamb between the two doors there have been security concerns about using French doors on the exterior of a home in the past. However they now tend to feature a much sturdier design and have strong locks such that security is not an issue with them these days.

If you are thinking about installing exterior French doors in your home then there are a number of manufacturers that produce them. One of these is Milgard Windows & Doors and they produce Fiberglass French doors in a few different styles. They have both in-swing doors which open into a room and out-swing doors which open into a patio or garden. These can be single pane doors or they have snap-in grids which can be added to give a multi-pane look.

Other manufacturers that produce exterior French doors include Jeld Wen Windows & Doors, who produce wood, aluminum and fiberglass doors and also Therma-Tru who produce Fiberglass doors. To purchase a French door for the exterior of your home the manufacturer’s websites are some of the best places to look. They generally provide all the information required to purchase a door and have details of the stores and dealers that have them available. Some of the bigger home improvement stores can be the best places to look although there are also a number of smaller independent dealers that stock French doors from a range of manufacturers.

Exterior French doors are an attractive style of door that will enhance the look of your home. They are a simple way to provide access to a patio or garden from a room in your home and also provide plenty of natural light for a room. For these reasons they are a good option to consider for your home.

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