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French Door Blinds

French door blinds include many window curtains and shades that pair up wonderfully with your decor.

A single or double French door is typically used in a property to provide access to the garden and porch areas. It features a wood or metal frame with glass inserts which allows light into the house, as well as a view to the outdoor areas of a home. However, for the purposes of privacy and light control it can be good to have a covering for this style of window and French door blinds are an option to consider for this.

French door blinds are available in a variety of styles, although one of the things to consider when choosing a style is the handles of the door. Many French doors have a decorative lever handle on them and this can interfere with the operation of a blind. It can therefore be better to choose a style that is less likely to be affected or damaged by being caught on the handle of the door,

Roller blinds can be a good option for French door blinds and these can typically be fashioned of a number of materials. This can include a range of fabrics, as well as natural materials such as bamboo and hardwood. Other options that can be a good choice for French doors include cellular blinds which can help to insulate the windows in a French door and keep heat inside a room.

Roman shades are another good style to use for French doors and as they are fashioned from one length of fabric, they look similar to roller blinds when lowered. However, rather than rolling up, they stack up in even pleats when raised and this can provide an attractive look to a door. While vertical and horizontal blinds can be used on French doors, the door handle is more likely to interfere with these when opening and closing them. For this type of blind it can be better to fit them to the size of the window, rather than the size of the full door as in this way the handle will not get in the way of the operation of the blind. However, many blinds can be purchased that will fit behind a door lever if full coverage of the door is wanted and it is also possible to use knob rather than lever handles on the door as these are less likely to interfere with the operation of the blind.

Some of the other factors to take into consideration when looking for French door blinds is the location of the pull cord. This should typically be on the hinged side of the door so that it does not get stuck in the door when it is closed. It can also be sensible to have hold down brackets available on the bottom of the shades, as this can stop the blind swinging when the door is opened and closed.

French door blinds can be found for sale at a number of retailers, and specialist online stores can be one of the best places to look for the widest choice. Some of those to consider include Blinds Galore, Your Blinds and Best Window Treatments. These have blinds for French doors available from manufacturers such as Graber, Bali and Comfortex.

French doors are an attractive style to use on a home and can be useful for allowing light into a room as well as a view out into a garden area. However it can be good to cover these to enable privacy when required and also to control the light coming into a room. French door blinds can be a good choice of covering and with the variety of styles available most consumers should be able to find a look that matches with the interior d├ęcor of their home.

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