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Front Door Locks

Front door locks are a critical form of entry security, and safe deadbolt, digital, combination, fingerprint or key locks should be carefully selected.

For those people that own a property, security is obviously something they need to consider. This is important in terms of protecting a home and its occupants from crime and one of the main aspects of security is front door locks. The front door is the main access to a building and needs to have a solid lock to ensure it is secure.

There are a variety of styles of front door locks available, with one of the most common being a deadbolt lock. This type of lock is opened by a key and typically comes in single cylinder or double cylinder styles. A single cylinder has an opening for a key to be inserted on the exterior of the door, but on the interior has a thumb turn which is used to unlock the door. A double cylinder has an opening for a key to be inserted in both sides of the lock. The deadbolt is typically considered a secure type of lock in that the bolt cannot remain in the open position. After each use of the key or thumb turn the bolt automatically returns to the closed position.

The spring bolt is another style of front door lock. This is also a key operated door, although in this style when a key is used to unlock it, a spring keeps the bolt in the opened position. This typically makes it a little less secure as when leaving a home the key has to be inserted and the lock turned to ensure the bolt is in the closed position. In many cases a deadbolt and spring bolt will be used in combination on a front door for added security.

There are also a few front door locks that use keyless entry and this can be suitable for people who are prone to forgetting keys or do not like carrying them. A keypad lock is an example of this and in this style the lock has a numbered keypad on which a code needs to be punched to activate the lock. It is typically possible to set and change the code on these types of locks as required, and a 4 to 8 number code can be used to activate the lock.

There are a number of locations that front door locks can be found for sale. The internet can be a good place to look and there are a number of web retailers that specialize in security locking equipment. Door Hardware Plus is one of these and they have keypad and deadbolt locks available. These are produced by a number of manufacturers with some of the brand names available including Schlage, Baldwin Codelocks and Kwikset. The cost for the locks can range from just over $10 for some of the basic deadbolt locks, to closer to $400 for some of the more sophisticated keypad locks available.

Other locations to look for front door locks can include hardware stores such as Ace Hardware and home improvement stores such as Lowes. Both of these have a range of styles available from manufacturers such as Schlage and Kwikset, to name a couple.

Protecting a home from illegal entry is something that homeowners need to consider to maintain the security of their property. Front door locks are important in this and these can be found for sale in a few different styles. Using one can make a property much more secure and less likely to fall victim to crime and for this reason careful consideration should be given to installing a suitable and strong lock on a front door.

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