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Hinged Patio Doors

Hinged patio doors make a great touch in any home, popular with French and screen styles and often paired with blinds or sidelights.

Many homes have a patio these days and this can be a relaxing place for a homeowner to spend some time in the fresh air. It can be useful to have direct access onto a patio and hinged patio doors are an option for this. These come in a few different styles and can provide a view to a patio area as well as easy access to it.

Hinged patio doors can typically be produced as a single door or alternatively as a set of two doors. In either case the door will typically feature a wooden or metal frame with a glass insert and this can be a large single pane of glass or a number of smaller panes of glass. The glass inserts allow a lot of natural light to enter a room, giving it a brighter appearance and also enable a better view out into the patio and garden areas of a home.

Hinged patio doors are typically swing doors with a single door being much the same style as a standard door. However, if a wider opening to the patio area is wanted, a set of two doors, such as French doors can be used. These typically have no central jamb and the doors open from the center to create a large opening that provides easy access to the outdoor areas of a home. These styles of doors can either open outwards into the patio area or inwards into the room of a home.

There are a number of manufacturers that produce the hinged patio door style with Anderson Windows & Doors being one of these. They have single hinged patio doors for sale which are available in a few different styles. They typically feature a wood frame with a full size, single glass panel insert, although the doors can come in slightly different shapes with standard rectangular as well as archtop doors being available. The cost for these will depend on the shape and materials used with prices ranging from around $840 to $2,360. Both standard and custom sizes are available and each door has options for the materials which can be used both for the door itself and also for the door hardware.

For those looking for hinged French patio doors, there are a number of manufacturers that produce these. Some of those to consider include Therma-Tru, which produces fiberglass French doors and Jeld Wen Windows & Doors, which has French doors available in fiberglass, aluminum and wood.

Typically it can be best to look to the manufacturer when considering purchasing hinged patio doors. Most have websites these days where information can be found on the doors they have available and the dealers that stock them. However, it can also be worth checking in home improvement stores such as Home Depot or Lowes as these will typically have a few options available for hinged doors for patios.

Providing easy access to a patio can make it easier to enjoy, and hinged patio doors are an option for this. As well as enabling easy access, they also allow a view into the patio and garden areas and let a great deal of natural light into a room. For these reasons they can be a good choice of door to install in a home.

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