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Keyless Door Locks

Keyless door locks can be found in several forms, with keypad, digital, combination, fingerprint, and more entry types for easy access.

Trying to remember your key every time you leave the house is not always so easy as it might seem.  In fact, there are plenty of occasions where you can accidentally lock the keys inside, leaving you no way to get back.  That just can’t happen when you have an important meeting to be at work for, and that means you want to have the right kind of failsafe to over you security, as well as convenience.  Nothing does that quite in the way that keyless door locks can.  These are special types of locks that you can utilize so that you never have to use a traditional key ever again.  Instead you can come up with some other format that your keyless door locks require in order to open.

What you’re going to find with locks like these is that they always feature some different method of opening than the traditional key turning method.  Instead these can commonly feature all sorts of conventions, and one of the most common is through combination locks.  This way, they typically feature a digital number pad, so that you can literally enter in a number code for your door, of just about any length, to allow you inside.  That means never having to remember a key again, even though you will have to remember a combination instead.  While that may seem like a hassle, it’s actually not that bad, because some of the combinations can be easy for you to keep stored in your noggin.

Of course you can also find those that require no combination, so that you can ensure there’s no worry of you ever forgetting one. For example, there are those that have very advanced interfaces, so that you can literally put in something like a fingerprint, so that it will only open for your finger.  This is a great way to bring all the technology of the future right to your fingertips, so that the key to open your door, literally is you.  Although this type of method can be somewhat of a hassle, just because it’s not always the most ideal means of opening your door because they are difficult to install because of their power needs and advanced technology.

When you’re looking for the best keyless door locks, what you will find however is that there are also those that just require a different type of key that can make them a bit more convenient.  For example, some of them can require a remote sensor, like a remote control that you can click and have them open.  But then others require something like a keycard.  Of course the problem being that just as you can lose keys, you can lose these tools as well, making it impossible to open the door.

But if you do decide that keyless door locks are for you, no matter what type you’re looking for, you can’t go wrong shopping online.  You can find a great selection of unique and practically futuristic locks by shopping through sites like or even

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