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Roman Shades for French Doors

French doors are a common feature in many homes and these are typically used to provide easy access to outdoor areas such as a patio or garden. This style of door typically features glass inserts in a wood or metal frame and usually a covering is required to provide a little privacy and also to enable the homeowner to control the light coming into a room. Roman shades for French doors are one of the options available and these can be a good choice of covering.

Roman shades are a common style of window and door covering which have a distinctive style. They are typically produced using a single piece of fabric or natural material and while this can have a flat appearance when lowered, the shade raises in evenly sized pleats to produce an attractive look. In many cases even when the shade is completely lowered the pleated look can still be evident and this is a style that appeals to many people.

While commonly used as a window covering, Roman shades for French doors are also typically available. These can be a good choice, as while they are an attractive style, they are also practical shades which can be produced in fabrics that can be used to control the light coming into a room. This can be important for French doors which have a lot of window space. Roman shades used on French doors are also a good choice for privacy and operated by means of a cord they can easily be lowered and raised as required.

Roman shades for French doors can be found for sale at a few retailers and specialist online blind stores can be a good place to look. Blind Saver is one of these and they have a few options available from manufacturers such as Bali, Comfortex and Levolor. The cost of these will typically depend on size, brand name and material with prices starting around the $80 mark and rising to around $190. An example of one of the more affordable options is the Comfortex Serenade Classic Tear Drop Roman Shades which vary in price from $100 to $130 depending on the size. These are available in a wide variety of fabrics, colors and patterns such that no matter the d├ęcor of a room there should be an option available to coordinate with this. The fabrics available also range from sheer to blackout depending on the level of light control that is required.

Other online stores where Roman shades for French doors can be found for sale include Blinds Galore and Your Blinds, both of which have a variety of materials and colors to choose from. In-store options for Roman shades which can be used on French doors include Bed, Bath & Beyond, which has options available from around $50 to $100 and Lowes, which has Roman shades starting at a price of around $20 to $30.

French doors can be a practical and attractive addition to a home and providing these with a suitable covering can help to enhance the look. The distinctive pleated style of Roman shades for French doors can be a good option to choose. They are decorative and also a practical style that can be used to help with privacy and light control in a room.

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