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Wood Screen Doors

Wood screen doors, also known as wooden storm doors, can be found in a variety of builds for your home, including custom ones.

Installing wood screen doors on your home can be a great way to instantly allow the property to feel much more cozy, and affords you a brilliant classic appeal everyone will love.  These are fantastic storm doors that provide you with all the storm protection that you want from your screen, but along with all the brilliance that comes from authentic hardwoods.  Really, it’s just a matter of figuring out the type of wood screen doors that will work the best on your house.  There are so many different varieties, you can really have a lot of fun finding the perfect addition to add to your home.

The first and most important part of finding the ideal wood screen doors, is ensuring that they are going to be perfectly durable.  That means you always want to go with a sturdy and natural wood, so that you can guarantee that your door will be strong, and able to last for years.  The problem with nationally manufactured engineered woods, is that they just aren’t as strong, can be prone to damage, and won’t give you the same authentic attractive look for your door.  Remember that wood can be more fragile than other types of materials that are used in screen door construction, so you want to pick out a strong and capable door.

From there, you’re going to want to pick a design that you enjoy the most, for your wood screen doors.  You’ll find that there are all different types, from traditional doors that feature minimal creative designs, and stick to more basic interconnected wooden supports.  Or you can also find complicated works of art that feature intricate carving of all different kinds, to create an elaborate structure that will take your breathe away.  Just remember that while a more extravagantly detailed door is more visually attractive, they are also much more expensive to purchase.

But of course, it’s also just important to realize that your wood screen doors just aren’t as strong as other types of doors.  Vinyl and metal are extremely sturdy, and are built to last a very long time, no  matter the condition.  But the weather and excessive use can really put a dent into the quality of your door.  For that reason, you’re going to want to use the proper sealant from time to time, to be sure your door isn’t affected by moisture.  But what’s more you also want to be sure that you purchase a door guard, to prevent damage that can occur when your door is slammed by a person, or by the wind.

When you’re looking for an easy way to purchase the wood screen doors you want, the best places to shop are going to be hardware stores.  Retailers like Home Depot and Lowe’s are ideal for finding literally any type of door that you could want to add to your home.  It’s just of picking out the right wood screen doors to really add to the atmosphere of your home.

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